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  wiebel 35263d8595 ena I²C text 1 month ago
  wiebel 15de286b3f corrected output port labels 1 month ago
  wiebel 4b22b19ab6 images moved to webroot 1 month ago
  wiebel 77b927d1fc cleanup after order 1 month ago
  wiebel 56e2b608de more clearance in Layer 2 1 month ago
  wiebel b80e76ee01 Licenced by CC 1 month ago
  wiebel 758d6a8720 images from oshpark 2 months ago
  wiebel 25430212eb late changes 2 months ago
  wiebel 2cc669cda0 images 2 months ago
  wiebel 21f15bf4c3 looks good 2 months ago
  wiebel 7cfac59443 almost routed 2 months ago
  wiebel 65c2cd0793 Rearranging 2 months ago
  wiebel 2f2f68ed48 kicad 101 2 months ago
  wiebel 150a4d8a4b rev2 started on kicad 2 months ago
  wiebel f63b37a9de More talking to CAN (state change, new TWids) 2 months ago
  wiebel 9ad4af66ea new images 5 months ago
  wiebel 4e86169b09 More to READ 10 months ago
  wiebel 4f1b7dc3d3 Add 'README.md' 10 months ago
  wiebel 296e788ce8 push test 10 months ago
  wiebel 72e2e9a36b Refinements 10 months ago
  wiebel e1371357e7 Merge branch 'led' 1 year ago
  wiebel 19916d8cd6 Latest addition WZ switch 1 year ago
  wiebel 4598ea7efc Revert "git test" 1 year ago
  wiebel cc0b3afbaa Revert "latest addition (rolladen, Terasse)" 1 year ago
  wiebel c7e9d40c91 Revert "new node and FastLED" 1 year ago
  wiebel f4ac188a96 git test 1 year ago
  wiebel 4730087f9e new node and FastLED 1 year ago
  wiebel 26ac6558e4 latest addition (rolladen, Terasse) 1 year ago
  wiebel 8b40a6d36e latest 1 year ago
  wiebel ff29c3136c Revert "mirror test" 1 year ago
  wiebel 3c126f2b7b mirror test 02 1 year ago
  wiebel f052826ef3 mirror test 1 year ago
  wiebel 8459486982 Configurrations 1 year ago
  wiebel 19af87f548 improved error handling of OW devices 1 year ago
  wiebel 89165c54bd node 3 went life 1 year ago
  wiebel 8961f480c9 new external node definition 2 years ago
  wiebel 7e53e3502e Before ModularizatioBefore Modularizationn 2 years ago
  wiebel 0d69656c89 better initialization, consistant switches 2 years ago
  wiebel fb04498868 iworking 2 2 years ago
  wiebel cc44a4021b Productive 2 years ago
  wiebel 37146109fd tuning starts 2 years ago
  wiebel b3ff292e18 first Switches 2 years ago
  wiebel 4870d8442a Great success, read and write buffering CAN wise 2 years ago
  wiebel 8e98d8aa61 kinda working, still queing problems 2 years ago
  wiebel 4dea93c7d2 Before can send rewrite 2 years ago
  wiebel 78e7f2365e It Works !! 2 years ago
  wiebel 3925e53270 Compiling again 2 years ago
  wiebel 6d52344012 in progress 2 years ago
  wiebel 4917bb57d6 starting with output 2 years ago
  Michael Waiblinger 56c502a579 now with response and remote switching 2 years ago